Pearls, pearls,pearls- Mikimoto Island

I would like to adorn the necks of all the women of the world with pearls.” Kokichi Mikimoto

Pink Pearl, 19mm, ¥35,700,000– MIKIMOTO

inside the museum

Island Store- all made of Pearls from there.


The glass of water  is good to conserve the pearl appearance.

Mikimoto statue

Ama- woman diver demonstration-pearl cultivation in the old times

Mikimoto Pearl Island[website]  is known as the birthplace of the pearl cultivation and  Kokichi Mikimoto, the genitor, was the first person in the world to produce a cultured pearl.

The museum is quite cool but, truth to be said, I spent most of the time in the Pearl Plaza doing window shopping. They sell jewellery from the island and from the Mikimoto brand (both are expensive but from the brand is a lot more) the MOST expensive single pearl in the store – ¥35,700,000(€309.000 -R$708mil) .

You can find some ‘pearls outlets’ near the island. If you hunt a bit you can find affordable good stuff.

“Anyone who can’t put forth a bad plan, would hardly be able to put forth a good one”-Mikimoto


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