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Finalists will be chosen by the band, label and Genero, with 2 finalists also being selected based on receiving the most Facebook Likes. The winner will then be chosen by the bandPop is this. It is the short, sharp shock, the crystal clear hook, the line, the melody, the rhythm, that snags, soothes then snares. Pop never lets us go. It is in the heart and the soul of four boys who come from a place that they call the middle of nowhere, all of them following a path that many have travelled before. Unashamed and unrelenting, they know how pop works, how it always yearns for the future, how it reaches for the heavens.

Fenech-Soler are a band who have overcome everything to be here, and have done so in their own way. They have honed and shined their sparkling songs, entirely by themselves, in their tiny bedrooms. They have taken their dreams to the disco and the Radio 1 playlist on their own terms. They even captivated legendary bands and DJs long before the record companies came knocking. Now signed to B-Unique, their debut album is here to lift and inspire us in the final days of summer, to spin its golden web of sound, to hold us in its glittering threads.

Pop began for Fenech-Soler in Kings Cliffe, a village of a thousand people in the hinterlands of Northamptonshire. It began with two brothers, Ben and Ross Duffy, who made music as teenagers with their friend Daniel Soler, whose surname would later play a bigger part in their lives. Their burgeoning love affairs with dance and club music – with The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Soulwax, and SMD – suddenly gained sharper edges and became fully-formed. They wrote electronic tracks together on their laptops and synthesisers, infusing them with the spirits of these artists they loved, but also other diverse artists like George Benson, N.E.R.D, R&B vocal group The Whispers, Michael Jackson and Queens Of The Stone Age. They aimed to write songs that would be club and festival anthems – songs that would have a crowd rising as one, singing their words back to them – with enough experimental edges to push them in new, bold directions.

From here, the boys brought in another friend, Andrew Lindsay, adding live drums and synths to the mix, and turning their music into living, breathing sound. As the sun broke through the clouds in the summer of 2008, Fenech-Soler was christened, were anointed, were born. Taking Daniel’s longer family surname as inspiration – also the name of a Maltese patriot who ruled the Catalans in the 18th century – they knew it could mean anything and everything. In its four shining syllables, a spirit of fantasy that the band all believed in, and the music they made could now shape the meaning of their name. Fenech-Soler summed up the essence of these four dear friends, working together at home, but reaching out into the world.

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This is a friend video made in Barcelona… pretty good.
Entry in the video and vote please, just need I LIKE IT down the video!!

Video feito por uma amiga minha em barcelona para o concurso, entra no link de cima e vote por favor, embaixo do video aparece o I LIKE IT aperta o botãozinho por favor!!


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