Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week – 16 Sept.

Inspiration: A dreamed paradise, with palms, tropical birds and paaradisiac beaches.
A plug-in: The Turbans, which accompany most of collection looks, but also bracelets and XXL necklaces.
A garment: The jumpsuit in land tones, a good article for the summer months.
Materials: Linen, cotton, silk…

Inspiration: full 70’s, in the most polished and chic Manhattan.
An article: The LBD adapted of one and thousand forms, but always preserving his ultrasophisticated allure.
Materials:organza, crepe, silk, taffeta…

Inspiration: a trip back in time for the Mediterranean: Greece, Rome, Egypt…
A plug-in: The spectacular catwalk jewels a treat for the eye.
Materials: Cotton, lycra, silk, paillettes…
A garment: The one-piece swimsuit navy and inspired in the 50’s.

Inspiration: Best of the decades of the 50, 60 and 70.
A garment: The jumpsuit, type 60’s, in pink suit.
Materials: Crepe, silk, chiffon, satin, cold wool…

Inspiration: The woman in the 50’s, summer dresses and casual to go to the country club, ultra feminine, sheer and cool.
A plug-in: The bowling bag.
A garment: The drees is the main character. In the knee, long, with prints, flight and pleats. For a very feminine and elegant woman.
Materials:Linen as a denominator the collection.

Inspiration:The collection has gone from casual looks feminine and dresses with silhouettes “hourglass” a somewhat futuristic designs with iridescent flowers phosphorites applications, ending with evening dresses in chiffon and ruffles transparent, well made ​​in Victorio & Lucchino.
A plug-in:Headband. Wave low ponytail, carding at the crown and face cleared by the grace of a fine diademita.
A garment: camel pencil skirt, smooth textured front and behind. With a very thin green belt fluoride.
Materials:Gauze overlapping bright silks and satin.

Inspiration:The glamor and extravagance of the 70 Miami.
A plug-in:The stilettos with 20 cm heels and the ankle bracelet. In black, metallic and super stylish for trendsetters.
Materials:Lamé, satins and silks.

Inspiration:Fever album, glitters, sequins and punk.
A plug-in:We were definitely the red leather handbag vintage style, with gold chain.
A garment:The back of the hand cigarette Miguel Palacio. Ultra strech from the bottom and slightly wider at the hip. In pink, metallic blue with black or colored pailletes. All are worth.
Materials:Silk, satin and lots of sequins inlay.


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