Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week – 17 Sep.

Inspiration: The glamor of Cannes and the Croisette Le Tour.
A plug-in: The wrinkled boots, either beforehand, or a snake.
A garment: The microshort allied with silk shirts. A perfect pair.
Materials: Lame Lurex, with twisted silk gauze.

Inspiration:The Agatha Ruiz de la Prada colors.
A plug-in:The shoes, peep-toes, in fluorescent tones. Very tempting for next summer.
Materials: Cotton, spandex, silk …

Inspiration:An urban woman who mixes functionality with a sexy touch.
A plug-in:Platform sandals with a right touch of snake.
A garment:The blazer XL without flap, like a summer coat.
Materials:Cotton, silk, leather …

Inspiration:Scraps of clothing with which produces unique clothes.
A plug-in:The spectacular Louboutin accompanying the outfits. Authentic story shoes.
A garment:The type 60’s dresses that mix pure white with hints of lots of color.
Materials:Scraps and more scraps to make unique garments.

Inspiration:Spain and, above all, the Spanish folklore. All very to ¨Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios¨.
Materials:Silk, chiffon, tulle pleats point scale, chiffon and organza.

Inspiration:Devota & Lomba propose a design of oriental inspiration, in the cuts of the dresses, mixed with fringes and war paint of Native Americans themselves.
A plug-in:The wedges are a summer essential, bicolor and tied at the ankle.
A garment:Bermuda shorts to the knee become the protagonists of the suits.
Materials:Transparencies and metallic fabrics.

Inspiration:The collection is inspired by the similarity between the silhouette of women and flowers, bulbs and lampshades. Feminine and curvaceous.
A plug-in:No accessories or jewelry, or bag, or hair accessories. The dresses and sandals are the only players.
A garment:The pencil skirt high waist. We’re going to wear this fall and winter, and continue taking in the summer of 2012.
Materials:Silk, gauze, muslin and organza.

Inspiration: The collection is inspired by memories of a trip to Leh, a city in the heart of the Himalayas.
A plug-in:Joint eyes in the shade of the color of the shoes, Kina Fernandez proposed the aqua for this duo.
materials:Silk, organza, crepes, gold lame and cotton.


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