Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week – 18 Sept.

Inspiration: Tropical setting with palm trees, floral prints and dark blue, green … But above all, the big South American coffee with a range of browns and prints inspired fabrics and bags of coffee.
A garment:The raffia dress. Ideal for a summer night.
Materials:Silk, organza, canvas bag, tulle, Swarovski, pearl …

Inspiration:Combining woman warrior of the future with Greek classicism.
A garment:Of course, the corset.
Materials:Leather, satin, patent leather. silk, metal …

Inspiration: The Victorian era in the outputs in black and lace. But above all, the world of the East, with prints of pagodas and headdresses, silk shirts and makeup as a geisha.
Silk, tulle, taffeta, leather, organza, lace, fishnet tights, rhinestones …

Inspiration:French Nabi movement, painting and decorative arts and contemporary dance by Pina Bausch. Pastel colors, overlapping fabrics, silhouettes lingerie looks simple ..
A garment:Shirts with delicate floral prints.
Materials:Silk seersucker, silk chiffon, shiny silk, chiffon, linen, leather seems based on a rubber finish …

Inspiration:The timelessness and style as key weapons in the feminine seduction.
A plug-in:Retro style shoes with a buckle at the ankle, heel and toes outdoor square. In red: pure sophistication.
A garment:The waterproofed silk trench, cut into A and evasive sleeves above the elbow. Electric-blue double-breasted front, halfway between the dress and coat.
Materials:Silk Tweed alfodón, poplin. Hand-painted ties.

Inspiration:The collection is based on architectural models that make the figure of the woman, wasp-waist sets, bodys with volume in hyper-hip and deep necklines.
A plug-in:Who needs accessories when you wear the dress has so much personality? We love flowers “curly” embroidered around the neck of the garments.
A garment:Cocktail dresses based on Japanese origami.
Materials:Taffeta and cotton.

Inspiration:The black film divas, hair and makeup of the 30’s and silhouettes longilíneas Hollywood divas of gold.
A plug-in:We are left with the clutch with matching gold cord with cord waist and neck.
A garment:The strawberry red dress with a skirt extra large tulip-shaped and slightly puffed blouse, shoulder and side slits marked on the back. Straight out of a movie black.
Materials:Applications of lace, silks, crepes …

Inspiration: The most joyful and wearable collection of Anna, printed flowers permeate architectural models based on overlays. Many blouses and shirts.
A plug-in: Ana Locking shoes are already an object of desire and this time there could be less.
A garment: The long skirt in solid colors such as turquoise or stamped. A must for the summer.
Materials: Silks and transparencies.


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