Polo Club BCN – event

Few weeks ago here in BCN was the Polo Club, I got some free tickets for my work, and as had never been to any event like this, and I gone with a friend, and the truth is that a lot of fun.
The horses are gorgeous some riders too, and spent some fun hours watching the tournament jumps!(i don’t know this is the name of the event)

Down we have some of the rules when it comes to dressing for Polo events!

1.Check the weather report before you go. Polo tournaments are usually held outside and there may not be shelter if it happens to rain. Dress for the weather; wear extra layers if the report says that it might be cool.

2.If you have a box or are a VIP guest, you will probably want to go with formal wear. Men may wear a coat and a tie, while women should wear dresses with hats.

3.If you’re a tailgater or just a regular Joe, you don’t have to worry as much about your apparel. Men can wear dress khaki pants or jeans along with a button down shirt or polo shirt. Women can also wear pants with a nice top. Skirts are also appropriate, though you shouldn’t wear something that requires heels.

4.Slip on comfortable shoes. You may have to do a lot of walking, some of it on grass, so you’ll want to avoid high heels. If you want to participate in the divot stomping at half-time, you should wear shoes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty.

5.Block out the sun with a hat. While you don’t need a fancy, wide-brimmed hat, you may want something to keep the sun off of your face. A baseball cap or a fisherman’s style cap will do the job just fine.

Here you have some casual looks…

Some pictures from the polo event.


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